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The Company
ConQuest is an independent, owner-operated pest control company founded in Northern Virginia. In business since 1995, ConQuest offers a distinguished record of pest prevention for commercially managed properties. Our client services extend to corporate offices and condominiums from 4,000 to 1.5 million square feet.

ConQuest is a small business devoted to environmental protection and intelligent pest control. Our goal is to give unparalleled service that is most importantly effective, limiting pest problems in places where people live, work and play. Chemical application, a part of our process, is performed expertly.

Guided by principle, ConQuest believes the best business earns a quiet reputation by smart, hard work. Without advertisement, ConQuest has grown strictly by referral.
Our Staff
Michael MancusoOur Founder and Chief Executive, Michael Mancuso, saw a need for a highly specialized pest control company operating as a local agent for the greater metropolitan District of Columbia. Mr. Mancuso’s vision of specialization provides modern business leaders and educated consumers pest control programs that achieve results through non-chemical remediation prominently.

Mr. Mancuso’s strategies to offer these programs, sought after by green engineers, are augmented by his substantial experience as a construction tradesman. Michael began his career in home construction and showing an exceptional intuition for master-class building methods, he became supervisor of all construction vending trades. This competence, along with Mr. Mancuso’s environmental and healthy lifestyle interests, matured into a determination to improve living and working conditions in his local community.

His company, ConQuest, advocates environmental sensibility and healthy living within the order of responsible chemical handling. This is achieved by habitat or structural modifications and improvements that are his expertise: A very natural combination.

Jim FriesenCo-Founder of ConQuest Pest Control, Mr. Friesen is a promoter of sustainable practices. These practices revolve around his central philosophy that the global community must preserve our environment through conservation of limited resources and sober regard of the impact of wastes on our ecology.

As our Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Friesen enlists like-minded technicians and clients. He has created an organization that places chemical use in educated and responsible hands and balances pest control with alternative remedial action.

Jim believes in a greater social welfare: A characteristic strengthened by his education as a graduate of business in the Quaker tradition of Friends University of Wichita, Kansas. Together with his personal experience as a cancer survivor, Mr. Friesen views management of a chemical industry trade a significant moral duty and one that he is enthusiastic about.

Blane PaughConQuest Pest Control’s newest team member, Blane Paugh is a Pesticide Applicator Certified in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia.

Blane is dedicated and conscientious. His service is prompt and attentive. Blane’s code is rooted in the military tradition having been parented by a Veteran of our U.S. military. He carries this tradition through measured steps in developing his knowledge, honing his craft and serving the community.

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